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Abacus is a skill development programme that can help in various aspects of your child’s development. Abacus courses are designed to develop soft-skills, numerical abilities and overall intelligence. Abacus program is tailored to engage your child productively, learning MATH in a fun way.

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Skill Development Program

Programs improves the skills of Visualization (photographic memory), Concentration, Listening Skills, Memory, Speed, Accuracy, Creativity, Self Confidence, Self-Reliance resulting in Whole Brain Development.


Master math marvelously: Abacus course sharpens mental calculation, improves concentration, and boosts confidence in young learners.

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Vedic Maths

Unleash mental math prowess: Vedic Maths course enhances calculation speed, promotes number sense, and boosts mathematical confidence.

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Calligraphy Course

Discover artistry: Calligraphy course teaches elegant lettering, creativity, and fine motor skills for young students to flourish.

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Reasoning Course

Unlock critical thinking in kids: Reasoning course fosters logical skills, problem-solving, and analytical thinking for school students.

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FOR Rising Intellects.

At I-KIDz Brain Academy, we blend traditional abacus education with innovative teaching methodologies. Abacus education at the proper age triggers whole brain development by activating both the hemispheres, thus, resulting in excellent concentration, photographic memory, logic, visualization, recall, and listening ability.

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What Parents Say

I-KIDz Brain Academy extends gratitude to all parents for their invaluable feedback.

Dr. Mohit Tambi

Our experience with I-KIDz Brain's abacus classes has been exceptional. Our child's math abilities have flourished, and they genuinely enjoy learning. A fantastic investment in their future!.

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